Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic Wire & Cable Corp., Ltd
  Patent name Granted date
1 A kind of semi-flexible radio frequency coaxial cable 2006.10.04
2 A kind of low loss phase-compensated radio frequency coaxial cable 2007.10.10
3 A kind of lateral presure resistant flexible cable 2009.9.23
4 A precise meter counting fixture 2008.10.08
5 A capacity-expanding fixture for small size cabling machine 2008.10.22
6 An extrusion mandrel disassemble and assemble from tail-position 2008.01.23
7 A yarn pay-off fixture with tension control 2009.07.01
Jiangsu Tongguang Optical Cable Co., Ltd
  Patent name Granted date
1 An aerial optical fiber composite earth wire 2005.09.21
2 An aerial earth wire with insulated wire 2005.07.06
3 An optical and electric composite cable with different size of armoring strands 2007.07.11
4 An aerial optical fiber composite earth wire with mutual-lock shape strands 2007.12.05
5 A flexible in-line jointing-box for OPGW cable 2007.12.19
6 An distributed strain sensing optical fiber cable 2008.07.02
7 A kind of low ice-load OPGW 2009.1.14
8 A compact type of OPGW 2008.07.09
9 An optical fiber unit of multi-layer composite metal protecting tube 2008.10.29
10 An online device detecting water seepage fault in optical cable jointing box 2008.08.27
11 A terrestrial optical communication cable identificated by radio frequency 2009.05.06
12 A kind of OPGW with compact structure 2008.08.27
13 An optical fiber composite power transmission line 2008.11.12
14 A kind of compact ice-load easing OPGW 2010.3.24
15 A fixture for micro-metal tube preforming before welding 2010.04.27
Jiangsu Tongguang Qiangneng Transmission Line Technology Co., Ltd
  Patent name Granted date
1 Energy-saving capacity expanding conductor 2006.09.06
2 low creep soft aluminum stranded wire, steel wire reinforced 2008.04.23
3 A kind of energy-saving capacity expanding conductor made from compactly stranded wire 2008.09.17
4 A kind of anti-ice aerial conductor 2010.02.17

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